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Puerto Rico Reconstruction


An unincorporated U.S. territory with a landscape of mountains, waterfalls and the El Yunque tropical
rainforest, Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The patch of Caribbean islands make home to nearly 3.194 million people and is often identified as America’s Island of Enchantment. In recent years, this precious jewel in the Atlantic has been ravaged by monstrous storms causing thousands of fatalities and billions ($) in damages to critical infrastructure.


In the spirit of healing, HOPE is on the way to aide in rebuilding these communities. Our commitment to the people of Puerto Rico and surrounding areas goes far beyond construction of roads, runways and other key elements to the population, but we HOPE to bring a message of love, camaraderie, patriotism and community. As an American born company, HOPE is here to lift up our fellow countrymen and foster the beloved American values that we all share.

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