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Construction Site


As climate change and destructive storms have become the center of attention for many; communities in southeast Texas and Louisiana have experienced the destruction of these storms firsthand. Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Dolly, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Laura are only but a glimpse of the swarming tropical terrors plaguing these areas. Communities are under constant threat of destruction from these storms. With our novel commitment to the people and wildlife of these areas, we seek to bring HOPE for a better tomorrow by building a stronger foundation today.


We are currently undertaking multiple contracts to build and rebuild communities in the Beaumont, Texas area. Some of these include the construction of new and more fortified road structures for local use; Texas is one of the fastest growing populations in the United States. Furthermore, we have undertaken a great deal of reconstruction projects due to the aftermath of many storms. Please be sure to tune in to our newsfeed and social media outlets for more details.

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